In Old Library, a Cultural Campaign for Women Figureheads Comes to a Head

Some are in favour of Trinity's new move to place female sculptures in the Long Room. But to others, it doesn't go far enough.
By Rachel O'Leary

Why Campuses Around the World Are Still at War Over Free Speech

The conversation around free speech on campus has progressed in recent years – but it's as divisive as ever.
By Gillian O'Neill

With Chinese Links, New Questions About the Ethics of Research

A new research partnership between Irish and Chinese universities has raised ethical questions. For the researchers involved, it's a complex issue.
By Kara Schechtman

Immunotherapy: a Revolutionary Approach to Killing a Killer

Immunotherapy is one of the most recent developments in cancer research. It could change how we think about treating the disease.
By Khadija Haouit

A Direct Provision Battle With No End in Sight

Students from direct provision centres overcome a number of hurdles to obtain their degrees.
By Sárán Fogarty

The Trinity Scientists Juggling Career and Family

While the reality of having a family whilst maintaining a successful scientific career is difficult, many Trinity academics say it is certainly doable.
By Yasmine Tadjine

Bringing a New Cohesion to College Consent Campaigns

Around the world, colleges and universities are developing new strategies to advance students' understanding of consent issues.
By Emma Taggart

Scholar – or Sham? The Tangled Legacy of James Ussher, a Trinity Institution

In Trinity, James Ussher has a library and a professorship named after him. But the 17th-century professor has a dubious scholarly record.
By Christopher Dignam

The Trials and Tribulations of a Health Science Placement

On health science placements, students battle against stress and heavy workloads – and it doesn't seem like that is changing anytime soon.
By Cormac Watson

In 1981, a British Businessman Was Shot in the Arts Block. Why Does No-One Remember?

On March 24th, 1981, three armed men walked into the Arts Block and shot a visiting lecturer three times in the leg. Mystery still surrounds the event.
By Molly Furey