The Student Recruiters Working to Sell Trinity to the World

Around the world, student recruiters work to bring international students to Trinity.
By Aisling Marren

A Corporation Wants Our Genome Data, While Universities are Denied Access

When it comes to genomics, academics say the government is prioritising commercial benefit over medical research.
By Cillian Gartlan

From Medicine to Maths, Trinity’s Points Changes Mapped

Seven years of data on Trinity's CAO points shows changes in some areas and consistency in others.

Backed by College, Trinity Interns Document Israeli Abuses in Jerusalem

Every year, Trinity interns spend around a month in Jerusalem's Old City, documenting Israeli human rights abuses against Palestinians.
By Donal MacNamee

Trinity’s One-Wheel Wonders Pedalling Ireland for Charity

Hector Chamberlain and Will Forsyth-Forrest are cycling around Ireland – on unicycles – to raise money for injured jockeys.
By Rachel O’Leary

The Trinity Researchers at the Coalface of a New, Holistic HIV Treatment

Staff in Trinity are working to improve treatment – both medical and psychological – for HIV patients.
By Emma Donohoe

Trinity’s Hidden Herbarium Houses a Collection of Rare and Exotic Plants

The School of Botany's 'plant library' boasts a collection of over 300,000 specimens from all over the world.
By Alma Rinaldi

How Universities Are Working to Eliminate Period Poverty

Period poverty is impacting young people, and some activist groups are opening up the conversation on this traditionally uncomfortable topic.
By Emma Taggart

The Case for Abolishing 9am Lectures

Scientists and sleep experts say that students would be much better off if classes started at 11am.
By Aoife Kearins

The Trinity Lab At the Forefront of Motor Neurone Disease Research

Yasmine Tadjine speaks to Prof Orla Hardiman about Trinity's research into an often-overlooked disease.
By Yasmine Tadjine