Louise O’Neill on Fortifying Feminism Through Fiction

Rachel Kidd chats to Irish author and Trinity graduate, Louise O’Neill, about books, feminism and solutions for sexism
By Rachel Kidd

Transformer: Connecting the Cosmopolitan Student with Catholicism

Connor Foley attends Transformer, an 8-week course on life with the spirit held in St Teresa’s Church, Clarendon Street, reconciling his faith with the cosmopolitan life of a student in the process.
By Connor Foley

Popularity: Michael Kors’ Silent Killer

Conor Davage examines the detrimental impact popularity can have on designer goods
By Conor Davage

Dublin 100 Years Ago: Excursions, Accidents and Emergencies

February 1916
By Eoghan Scally

Infiltrating the Chinese Film Industry

Jennifer Wilson takes a look at the controlled infrastructure of the Chinese film industry
By Jennifer Wilson

Film Review: Creed

Jennifer Wilson reviews the long-awaited spin-off of the Rocky series
By Jennifer Wilson

Meeting Mary Lou

Julianne Flynn talks to deputy Sinn Féin leader, Mary Lou McDonald, about Irish unity, misconceptions about Sinn Féin and how she feels about defending Gerry Adams.
By Julianne Flynn

Policing miracles – Identifying the Ordinary in the Extraordinary at Lourdes

Jane Fallon Griffin chats to Dr Michael Moran, the Irish representative on the International Medical Committee that investigates the legitimacy of miracle cures in Lourdes.
By Jane Fallon Griffin

The Rise of the Drag King

Sarah Scales examines the Irish drag king scene and its international origins
By Sarah Scales

Fashion Genius: Iris Apfel

Danielle Olavario discusses trendsetter Iris Apfel's enviable life lived for high fashion
By Danielle Olavario