College to Meet Unions Over Promotions Policy in February

Industrial action is one of the options being considered by unions as Trinity ends permanent contracts for service staff.
By Dominic McGrath

Calls for “Reasoned Debate”, as Fellows Vote on Trinity’s Transition to Christmas Exams

The new academic year structure has already been approved by University Council, but requires the assent of the Fellows.
By Sinéad Baker

Trinity-Led Research Shows Baltic Hunter-Gatherers Adopted Farming Without the Influence of Migration

A new collaborative study has shown using ancient DNA that Baltic regions did not experience a similar migratory wave to the Western world.
By Nina Koch

Head of Law School Condemns Sexist Comments Made by Students in Module Evaluations

In an email to students, Prof Oran Doyle condemned 'the objectification of women' by two students in anonymous module evaluation forms last year.
By Jenna Clarke-Molloy

Ancient DNA Shows Close Genetic Proximity Between East Asians and Their Ancient Ancestors

Trinity researchers have shown that unlike Western Europeans, contemporary East Asian populations share much of the same genetic makeup of their ancient ancestors.
By Jamie Sugrue

New Research Initiative Criticised After Concerns Over Ranking Academics

The initiative has already drawn criticism from IFUT over concerns that it might lead to competition between academics.
By Róisín Power and Sinéad Baker

Pharmacy Students call on College’s Support to Oppose Surprise Fees and Unpaid Placement

Students are lobbying against increased final-year tuition fees and an unpaid placement in their final year.
By Brónagh Kennedy

Only 1% of Arts Faculty Property in ‘Good Condition’, as College Plans €4m Arts Block Refurbishment

The report also finds that 41 per cent of academic areas in Trinity require modernisation.
By Dominic McGrath

Proposal Would See Removal of Special Examinations and Pass by Compensation

A group of early stage proposals would also see a year off-books count as a repeated year.
By Róisín Power

With Deadline for Submissions Passed, No Objections to Redesigned 250-bed Accommodation Project

Dublin City Council has verbally confirmed to Trinity that no objections have been made to the redesigned Oisín House project.
By Ciaran Molloy